Monday, 27 January 2014

Free Calling All Over India

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yeah,you read it right. There is a trick for calling for free over all India. It doesn't matter in which state you are,or are you roaming or in home circle,this trick works everywhere. All you need is an internet connection for starting the call. And NO,the call is not over the internet,so there is no need to worry about slow internet speed and call quality.

The trick is all simple,you just need to:
1. Create an account on Site2sms with the number from which you want to use for calling,which is free of cost.
2. Then login with provided username and password.
3. Go to "Send SMS" tab.
4. Choose Voice Call option.
5. A dialer will be opened on screen.
6. Dial the number whom you want to call.
7. Server will call that number,and also will call your number when the receiver pick-ups the call.

After that talk talk talk.. ;)

If you face any problem,you can call site2sms Helpdesk @ 01130130122  

*Note: Daily limit for calling is 64 min. So utilise your daily min. accordingly

Enjoy... ;)

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